Gregory School: Changes in Elevation

We started at the base of the mountain (around 3,400 feet), and there were a lot of cactus, and light dirt. As we progressed up the mountain the soil started to become more moist and cooler (though it’s so humid). We reached a second part of the mountain, known as Middle Bear, and there were a lot more Pine and Oak trees. We then drove to Windy Point, a large granite mountain surrounded by high cliffs. After a short bus ride, we arrived at the campus. It’s from the cold war, so it’s really old. For the hike we mainly went uphill. There was a lot of huffing & puffing because we ended up at about 9,000 ft.. So we stopped at the decomposing log, & played a game of predator prey, we only got to play one round, but I think that people thought it was fun. Then we returned to our campus area for dinner. So, we’re pretty hungry, so until tomorrow (when we start our projects), bye.