Str8 Outta Soil

Str8 Outta Soil

A poem for the Sky School:

Our time here at Sky School has been SOLID.

The food was trill and the nature was Versace.

The hikes were baller and the people were crisp.


Hello! We are Str8 Outta Soil. So far, we have been hiking the meadow loop trail, checking out fungi and looking out over the city of Tucson from the south-facing slopes of the Catalina Mountains. We learned how to identify a few pines in this mixed conifer forest. We found ourselves especially drawn to the Great Mullein! We spent most of our time developing an observational study of the Great Mullein. Specifically, how Great Mullein influences the soil in disturbed areas. We discovered that trying to develop a study in such a short period of time leads to a lot of limitations, but still interesting scientific results. For instance, Great Mullein may influence total ground cover of fire disturbed areas but does not seem to have the same influence on areas disturbed by roads. This project left us with more questions than we answered, but that is just the way good science works. We’ll let you know the results of our future inquiries!!

We leave you with these gems: pre- and post- The Great Mullein Battle



Str8 Outta Soil