Mount Lemmon Sky School Blog by the CCC!

Mount Lemmon Sky School Blog by the CCC!


Greetings from team CCC!

As we started our journey it was very hot down at the first site we visited, but as we went up the mountain, it gradually became cooler and comfortable. Too bad the dorms were so hot! It got frigidly cold at night. At every site we stopped we counted the number of leaflettes that comprise the leaves of different plants. One plant had 63 leaflets per leaf at Windy Point, a high elevation, windy, dessert-like environment. The majority of plants only had one though.

At night we used the telescope and it was very interesting. Looking at the moon hurt our eyes for a millisecond, it was so bright. The starts were twinkling, which is normal for stars because their light is weak enough be distorted by out atmosphere.

We’ve just had breakfast, but there was no meat for the breakfast burritos!

Till next time!

-Team CCC