Mighty Wind Cannot Blow this Group Down

Even though it was a horrendously windy day we did the unthinkable and went for a hike. The meadow was by far our favorite part of the mountain and was worth the hike. Once we got there we realized how awesome the meadow was and it protected us from the wind. We spent the next several hours taking in the scenery, learning about lichens, and playing games. Walking through the meadow we quickly realized at the entrance to the meadow lichen were only on the bottom of the trees and everywhere else in the meadow the lichen are on the top of the trees. We thought maybe they are located where there is more light-because lichens are made up of a photosynthetic organism and a fungus. Gary Fell! This was while we were playing the notoriously awesome Predator vs. Prey activity.  An activity which allowed us to appreciate the environment and learn about how animals survive. We finished the hike singing SpongeBob SquarePants, taking selfies, and dancing in the wind.

-Gary’s Dairies