Lichen ya, lovin’ it!

The Hippie Gypsies (Phil’s group)

Who’s cooler than The Gregory School? No one!!! No, really. We’ve spent the last two days on Mt. Lemmon hiking around, checking out rocks and lichen, and doing cool science experiments. And, it’s pretty cold out. We are lichen it a lot. We’ve been getting a lot of lichtures. We witnessed some termites that took a lichen to a tree. We’re sorry that our jokes are in spore taste. The grad fellows are really fungis. Our project is really starting to mushroom, and our group members have become symbiosisters and symbiobros. Are we professional comedians? Of course knot. But, we hope a lot of these sappy puns willow make you laugh. Now I left you Aspen many questions, but I can Ash-sure you that we will leaf Sky School with lots of know-LEDGE (as in cliffs) and good memories. ‘Ledge’ is written in boulder so that you’ll get it.