Flowing Wells Day 2 – Morning

Flowing Wells Day 2 – Morning

It takes a true student to be bold

Sky School’s really cold

Sky School has been fun

The trip has been full of really stupid puns

The rocks up here are gneiss

Too bad we’re sleeping with mice

The hanta virus makes me think twice

That junk messes with your brain

It’ll make me go insane

I saw a lot of rocks with feldspar

This trip definitely won’t lower the bar

Later were gonna see a sky full of stars

This trip will help us go really far

That stir-fry really tore us up

I think the boys dorm has just blown up

Predator-prey got real

All those resources we steal

Afterwards we were one girl down

Like Tim Tebow, we had to take a kneel

For all that skin did peel

We didn’t want any blood on the field

Our sick addiction to our phones has been tested

For our Wi-Fi use has been arrested

Nature doesn’t care that we protested

For the partial moon that we saw was only crested


Started from the bottom now we’re up here

Four hours on the bus with no fear

Sky stars and sun seem so near

The air is better up here