Tucson Highschool : Hoodoo Voodoo Doodoo?

Becki and her awesome science team took Mt. Lemmon by Storm this morning. The rain couldn’t hold us back at Babad Do’ag, as data collection began – collecting temperature, humidity, elevation, air pressure, wind and plant diversity measurements.  As the rain crept in, our scientific skills only got stronger! By the time we got to Middle Bear we were in full force, nothing could stop us …… until we got distracted by the sight of a monstrous beast : The Horned Toad Lizard!  After filling our brains with environmental knowledge, unraveling the secrets of the bark beetles mysterious world and learning how tree rings hold the key to our past we were off to see some Hoodoos!

After reaching the summit at 9,157 ft, we spent the next hour and a half hiking around discovering the local environment.  We were astonished by the fungi, lichens and moss coating the trees and the gigantic cowboy toilet paper (Common Mullein) alongside the trails!

We can’t wait to dive into our inquiry project tomorrow!IMG_2459 IMG_2456   IMG_2381 IMG_2374 IMG_2275 IMG_2278 IMG_2309 IMG_2314 IMG_2211 IMG_2071 IMG_2154 IMG_2070