Aspens are life, that is all

TVHSaspensToday is a bittersweet day… it was sweet in the fact that the aspens were in full yellow “bloom” and we continued our scientific pursuits. But today is also bitter, as we say goodbye to our instructors and our great cook, Alan, who provided us with such magnificent cuisine, like lasagna, burritos and many an egg. As we enjoy our last moments here of research and peanut butter eating (now we’re getting exquisite) we prepare for our final presentations and later a hike under the stars and through the majestic aspens. (Insert pyramid here) We reflect on our time here, hopefully with fond memories, playing fun card games, attempting to finish a puzzle, and enjoying the view. The research we conducted has led us to new horizons and new fascinations with the vast world around us. ASPENS ARE LIFE. We learned about aspens and how they have the wonderful policy of “No aspen left behind”, by which we mean (now we’re getting scientific) that all aspens in a stand are connected. Now we look towards the stars and the idyllic outlooks that they provide. We hope that you will feel inspired to come to sky school as well.