Flowing Wells: F-Dub Rocks the Mountain

IMG_2130Late night hittin’ those books! Eric is observing Iron meteorites in a sweet petrographic microscope. 4.5 billion years of history in our eyeballs!

IMG_2103Outta the way Sarah, quit trying to steal our fame and data! At Windy Point, we observed busted up zig-zag chatter marks. We also observed hoodoos which were formed by weathering. Wind, water, and ice = super awesome!

IMG_2096Phil lining up researchers for certain doom! This is our geology overlord. While explaining divergent plate boundaries and paleomagnetism, our overlord used volunteers to give a visual explanation of how new crust forms. gneiss….

IMG_2100Our homeboy Victor contemplates the deep meaning of life and how we came from all of the rocks. Victor defaces the outcrop and stomps the schist out of the chatter marks.