Soil, Not Dirt!

IMG_2372Hello, our group name is SND (Soil, Not Dirt!) and we are students from Altar Valley Middle School that are participating in the University of Arizona Sky School program.  Yesterday, we got to study about soils and how weather changes with altitude.  So far during our experiences, we have discovered that with an increase in altitude the soil has gotten damper and darker in color.  We also got to explore many different places on the mountain.  We started at Frog Mountain (Babad Do’ag), Molino Basin, Windy Point, where we had lunch, and after a short delay we arrived at the Sky School where we settled into our dorms.  Once we settled in, we went on a three mile hike in the Coronado National Forest, adjacent to the Sky Center campus.  After that, Lawrence, our chef, prepared us a delicious feast.  To finish up the night, we went to look at Jupiter with the Jamieson telescope.  After a long day it wasn’t too hard to go to sleep (more or less).