Gregory School 8th grade: This Mixtape is Fire!

Gregory School 8th grade: This Mixtape is Fire!

Over these past two days, we’ve been studying and researching about the bark on burnt trees, and it’s effect on the surrounding environment. We’re experimenting on the bark of these burnt trees, and comparing their relative nutrient/health levels, distinguishing between fallen and standing trees.

On our way up the mountain, we did an image analysis examining the relative greenness of the foliage. Our findings showed us that the plants got less green as we moved up the mountain, which was to our surprise. We believe that we saw this trend because of the photos we took, and perhaps our photos weren’t representative of the entire ecosystem.

We’ve very much enjoyed playing predator and prey up here on the mountain. Our favorite parts of this game are rushing in to get resources, and then hiding from the predator. We enjoy mimicking the lives of animals! We found a baby Horny Toad by the meadow, which was pretty rad! We uploaded a photo.




-Mixtape Fire