Sunnyside High School

Our time at UA Sky School has been a fascinating and wonderful experience. We have learned so much in the fields of science such as ecology, astronomy, and geology. Beginning with the first day here, we noticed things we usually don’t anywhere else. The hikes we went on made it fun to learn about arthropods,

Gregory School – Student Experiences

The Gregory School spent several days investigating the natural wonders of the ecosystem surrounding us here at Sky School. The following are selections from student reflections that highlight some of their experiences: My experience at sky school was amazing! I would honestly do it all over again in a second and I’m sad that my

The Pollinator Posse

At School Sky, we researched the relationship between plant diversity and pollinator diversity. We observed the wild geranium which is a purple flower native to Mt. Lemmon. We saw many types of bees, flies, beetles, ants, wasps, and butterflies that landed on the flowers. Our team did not find a correlation between plant diversity and

Multi-day K-12 programs on Mt Lemmon and in Tucson schools

Place-based and inquiry-based science education and teambuilding

Mentoring and engagement with university scientists


I love the way you all used the natural resources on the mountain to teach science concepts and how to do field science. It is the perfect setting to encourage student exploration, curiosity, and discovery.”
-Janet Slingerland, Flowing Wells CATS (Center for Academically Talented Students) teacher

Our first day at Sky School was quite a journey. Within two hours, we drove from about 2,000 feet above sea level to about 9, 087 feet above sea level on Mt. Lemmon. We learned about how the plant diversity at higher elevations varied from the plant diversity at lower elevations. We sniffed a lot of trees and learned that Ponderosa pines smelled like honey.” -Altar Valley Middle School student

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