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Talking points for different locations

Videos to show at dinner

Sense of place activities

Teambuilding activities

Rotation activities

Rainy day plans

Team contract resources

Lesson Plans

Streamflow lesson plan

Graphing lesson plan

Meteorite lesson plan

Tree ring lesson plan

Spring water lesson plan

Atmospheric variables lesson plan

Pollination ecology lesson plan

Astronomy lessons

Mapping lesson plans

Earth history timeline

Scientific method introduction

Effective presentations introduction

Citizen science initiatives

Teacher training resources


School meeting checklist

Pre-program preparation

Post-program cleanup

Equipment inventory

Packing list for participants

Chaperone expectations

Lightning safety

Site maps

Current site weather: [1]

Clear sky map: [2]


Template 0 night schedule

Template 1 night schedule

Template 1 night schedule: 1 day research project (NOTE: Not currently in use; research projects will only be done on 3 night trips)

Template 2 night schedule

Template 3 night schedule: 2 day research project

Morning staff meeting agenda


2014-15 Sky School Instructor Handbook

Thinking about values

Indigenous axioms for teaching

Resources for prospective instructors

Tips for creating meaningful experiences

Lesson plan guidelines

Lesson plan template

Questions for prospective instructors

[ | Example posters and notebooks ]

File:Supporting resources.pdf

Other resources from external sites

Lichen Epiphytic lichen key: [3]

Interactive Arizona lichen key: [4]

IslandWood has a similar wiki with many lessons: [5]